Look for Your Choices in website design development

Look for Your Choices in website design development

From animations to styles, from templates to components, a complete how to not only for what concerns mobile devices but for each web product digital marketing malaysia. A long list of specifications, packed with do’s and don’ts, that a web designer should bookmark and consult daily.

The interactions in responsive design have precise rules; their animations are compulsory inbound and outbound directions, and the touch as well as the click: on the desktop, in this case, the same rules apply as for mobile it must trigger expected and predictable reactions under penalty of a usability deficit that can lead the user to leave the page.

Ninja Marketing talked about it by illustrating the online guide to Material design written by Google itself to teach us what to do and how to do it, if we want to create sites up to the tastes of users that the Mountain View company has forged. For website design development it is most important.

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More web design for everyone

Maybe not everyone knows, but a bit of web design, given what has been analyzed so far, in one way or another there are many users who put it into practice online marketing company. Who actively and who as a tester, we are all a bit of designers in today’s web. Especially if we see the creation of websites with the perspective with which a web designer horizons: making the web more beautiful every day, a small contribution to making the Internet a better place.


The Web Developer, starting from the graphic draft, uses the programming code to build the front-end and the back-end (management panel) of the website and make interactive what was previously only static. This phase can take several days of work, depending on the size and complexity of the site, the number of programmers involved, etc. In general, it is the most technical phase and the one that takes the most time of all.

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Now that the website is ready, it is important that it goes through a testing phase before it can be put online. The Web Developer, or whoever for him, literally tests the site by browsing it at 360 °, testing the contact forms, the use of the database, the performance and solving the problems gradually encountered.

Graphic imperfections, bugs and navigation defects are carefully examined to make sure that everything goes smoothly for going online. In some cases, the website can also be tested by other people (friends, relatives) to test the usability and navigability and get feedback from non-expert users. After this testing phase, the website is ready to be published.


Once the website is online, it can take months for it to be visible in search engines. Furthermore, if the website has a lot of competition, without an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy it could even be unobtainable, confined to the third or fourth page of search results and be “overtaken” by other larger, more famous or more “older”. A website without SEO is an (almost) invisible site : only through the constant work of a specialist is it possible to optimize the site itself to improve its positioning in search engines and consequently increase its visibility on the web.

As you can see, to create a professional website you have to go through many phases of work and each of these requires specific skills to be designed at best. If you are undecided and do not know who to commission your website to, always rely on professionals and certified agencies: what you save today you may have to reinvest in the future to solve unexpected problems.

Always remember that a website is an investment and that it can help increase your online visibility if you know how to do it.